About Professional Image (800) 337-4148

Professional Image LLC is a world class Green-Friendly Production Company. We’re a multifaceted team of trained technology experts working in tandem with corporate planners, communications and marketing departments to create, design and develop amazing events as seamlessly as possible. We specialize in High-End Photo-graphics and Broadcast Video including Audio/Visual Support, LED Lighting, Large Screen Projection and Web-Casting services.

Professional Image excels in assisting clients get their time sensitive PR projects and message content out for immediate distribution out to their web master, social media platforms and mobile devices with expedited same day/next day delivery. 

Capabilities include Keynotes, Award Ceremonies, Corporate Meetings, Special Events, Press Conferences, Black Tie Galas, Political and Celebrity Events including U.S. Presidents, World Leaders, Celebrities and other recognizable Corporate Brands to list a few.

Our client resume embodies a “Who’s Who” having photographed many of the world’s elite including Oprah, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Larry King, Colin Powel, Bill Cosby, Robert DeNiro, Wynona Judd, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Tommy LaSorta, Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles, several US Presidents, Ambassadors and other International World Leaders along with many recognizable Non-Profit and Corporate sponsored events. Our dedicated team is experienced in Public Relations • Corporate Meetings, Special Events • Press Conferences • Black Tie Galas • Political and Celebrity Events and sought after by corporate/meeting planning professionals from around the country.
Send us your RFP/RFQ for a detailed quote tailored uniquely to the size and scope of work as required.

For booking, information and quotes | (202) 635.8801 or   info@professionalimage.com